Bond Issues  
A good bond issue is one that takes into account both the interests оf the issuer and the investors. In order for a bond issue to be successfully placed, the legal framework must be well known, the trends on the financial market must be analyzed and the investors' expectations must be examined.
Working actively in close co-operation with the biggest institutional investors in Bulgaria, DV Invest is able to structure a bond issue in a way, such that to combine the interests of the investors and the borrower in the best possible way. We conduct a financial analysis of the issuer, initial study of the market, targeted to test the investor interest, structuring of the issue itself and placing the issue. DV Invest can organize the underwriting of a part or the whole issue, guaranteeing in this way the placement of the issue.
DV Invest proved to be a leader in the investment banking services, specifically bond offerings, both public and private. DV Invest organized and placed 6 bond issues with total par value of €30.5 m in 2005, and in the last three years - 19 bond issues for €77 m.

Bond issue managed by DV Invest:
 корпоративни емисии общински емисии ипотечни емисии
  Consultations for Attracting Investors  
DV Invest assists with the searching of investments by a foreign private investor, investment fund or strategic investor. We help companies in the preparation of a presentation, identification of appropriate partners, negotiations and structuring of the transaction.